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ST PTO Scholarships School Year 2024

Scholarship season is upon us! This year the PTO is happy to announce that we are offering scholarship opportunities to our graduating Seniors, as well as Juniors! Two Senior students will be eligible for $1,000 Scholarships. Junior students will be eligible for two $500 scholarships.

If your student is interested in applying for the scholarship, we are asking that they submit a written essay for consideration. Senior students winning the scholarship will be felicitated during STHS Honor’s Night (May 16 @ 6pm). Junior student winners will be felicitated in our May General PTO meeting (May 8 @ 630pm). The essay topic is as follows:

Graduating Seniors

Essay Topic

Do you think artificial intelligence applications such as ChatGPT are good for our society? If yes, explain why? If not, explain why not?

Currently Enrolled Juniors

Essay Topic

Describe one specific change that you feel would further improve Santa Teresa School and how it would improve STHS.

Essay guidelines – Seniors and Juniors

  • Number of words: between 500 -750 words

  • What is important?: Spelling, grammar, punctuation, creativity, and originality of thought

  • Any kind or amount of plagiarism will mean immediate disqualification from the scholarship

  • Please only use your student ID number when submitting your essay (Please NO names)

  • It is our hope that the money won will be used towards the student’s academic growth.

Submission deadline for both Juniors and Seniors has been extended to  Sunday, April 21, 2024 by 9pm 

Winning recipients will be notified of the results by Tuesday, April 30, 2024.


Good Luck!

The ST PTO Scholarship Committee

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