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  • When and where are ST PTO meetings held?
    Our meetings are held every 2nd Wednesday of the month at 6:30 pm in the STHS library. Participants are also welcome to join virtually via GoogleMeet. A reminder will go out prior to the meeting with an agenda. We will enjoy hearing updates from all around our school community including the Principal's report from Mr. Payne-Alex. We will also form committees for topics such as Grants, and Tools 4 Teachers. This is the best place to hear exactly what is happening at S.T. and how you can be involved. Go ahead and put it as a recurring event on your calendar!
  • How can I submit a question or comment?
    You can submit a question or comment for discussion in the next PTO meeting by using the question submitting on our homepage. You can also e-mail us at We are happy to help and would love to hear from you!
  • Where can I go to get more information about Santa Teresa High School?
    It's a very good idea to make yourself familiar with the following websites. School Website
  • Where can I find the STHS bell schedules? 
    The bell schedule can be found here, where you will find collaboration days, and the bell schedule for S and T days as well. You can also pick up a paper copy of the bell schedule and campus map in the registrar's office.
  • I want to volunteer at STHS. How can I do that?
    There are many opportunities to help with the PTO. Send us your name and contact info. We will keep you informed on ways you can become involved. Thank you for your interest. We are so very grateful to have parents willing to give their valuable time to help STHS bring the best opportunities possible to our students. You can email us at
  • How can we volunteer for the sports programs?  Is there a parent organization for athletics?
    Absolutely! STABC (Santa Teresa Athletic Booster Club) meets monthly and is VERY involved in a variety of events and fundraisers. Email them at
  • Is tutoring offered after school?
    Yes! In addition to requesting Tutorial passes from their own teachers, students can also try to arrange for a one-to-one tutor by completing one of these forms. Fill out this form to BE a tutor or use the next form to REQUEST a tutor. While we can’t guarantee that you will get a tutor, our goal is to match every request with a parent, student, or staff member who can be a tutor.
  • What kinds of clubs are there at S.T.?
    Santa Teresa has MANY great clubs available for student enrichment. Click here to visit the clubs page on the school website
  • How can I find out what's happening in the music department?
    The Santa Teresa Music & Arts Association STMAA has their own home page, which you can visit by clicking here.
  • Where can I get the latest STHS sports scores, schedules, and standings?
    Upcoming school sports events can be found on the STHS homepage at: Scores and standings are hosted on MaxPrep and can be found at:
  • How can I find out about upcoming theater / plays?
    Please check the STHS homepage for more information. Plays are also usually advertised on the outdoor message board at the corner of Santa Teresa and Snell.
  • What is the Santa Teresa School Site Council?
    STHS SSC is a faculty, student, and parent led group with various responsibilities including reviewing and approving the Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA), reviewing construction projects, campus climate, and addressing any other concerns that may arise in the course of the school year. The council provides input into the use of bond monies that are given to the school for facilities upgrades. You can find more information including how to get involved at:
  • Is anything being done to make drop offs along Santa Teresa Blvd safer?
    When dropping your student off on Santa Teresa Blvd, always be careful to pull into the marked Loading Zone (gray curb). The RED curb area in front of the bus stop is NOT a Loading Zone area. Parents who stop in that red zone are risking being ticketed by SJPD. We urge parents to pull ahead just a few car lengths and have your student walk back to the gate - you might save yourself an expensive ticket. Also, please be careful to observe the 25mph School Zone speed limit around ST. A speeding ticket can cost you over $400. Keep the kids safe and your wallet full -- slow down in front of ST.
  • How do I get school supplies to a particular teacher or teachers if I don't know what they need?
    Great question. Tools for Teachers (T4T) is a new program through our organization and helps all the teachers and staff at ST. Email to get a suggested list of items to bring in. If you do know what the teacher needs please bring them in to the school on the 3rd Wednesday of the month during our monthly meeting (6:30 pm in the school library). You can also send an email to to see if alternative drop off arrangements can be made.
  • How do I change or add my phone number to receive parent messages?
    If you would like to change the number for connect-ed messages please come into the registrars office and change your primary phone number.
  • Could you please let me know to who and where can I go talk to someone if my child is having trouble in some of their classes?
    There are a few important steps that will help solve most issues your student has with classes. At the high school level students are encouraged to seek help on their own first. At this point, if a student is having a tough time in class, they need to communicate and work with the teacher, attend additional tutoring, and possibly find a study buddy. The Counselors can not make a schedule change to a different teacher and can not drop the course. If that does not work you can contact the teacher on school loop or by email and communicate with them regarding your concerns. This can be done in addition to your student taking action. Your student should be able to get the help she needs by following this plan.
  • Does Santa Teresa have a Safety Hot Line?
    Yes, if you see a student exhibiting a behavior that is harmful to themselves, their peers or the community please call the S.T. Hot Line at (408) 347-6222. You may leave an anonymous message. Our Associate Principal will then investigate and follow up on your concerns. It's a good idea to share this number with your students so that they may look out for their peers. Please remind them that they do not need to provide their own name. Let's all look out for one another.
  • How do students get a Naviance account?
    For a student to have a Naviance account, they need to receive a registration code from their counselor. Once they have the code, they log in with their Username (ESUHSD email without the Password is their student ID. Ms. Lori Martinson, Head Counselor 347-6232 Ms. A. Victoria Calderon, Counselor (A-DE) & Phoenix 347-6231 Ms. Michelle Doi, Counselor (DF-JI) 347-6247 Mr. Jose Martinez-Alvarez, Counselor (JJ-NA), 347-6482 Mrs. Amy Choy Counselor (NB-R) 347-6234 Ms. Mary Servin, Counselor (S-Z) 347-6243 To learn more about Naviance please go to
  • How do we access School Loop?
    You can log in to School Loop by clicking here, you can also access it from the school website by clicking the School Loop button on the home page. If you have not registered you may do so by clicking the blue tab under the password field. You need your students ID number to create an account.
  • Is there an app for Santa Teresa High School?
    Not at this time.
  • My son is a freshman and will be going to the Homecoming dance with a girl.  What is the usual attire for this dance.  Is it formal or casual?  Do most boys get corsages for their dates?
    The Homecoming is semi-formal. Therefore, the typical attire is a button-up shirt, slacks, and a tie that matches the dress of their date. A corsage is optional. (But, most girls like it.)
  • How can we stop the teenagers that park their cars in the shopping center across the street (Snell, Tony and Albas), from crossing the street illegally?"
    Unfortunately there is nothing that the school can do regarding this issue. I understand that some years ago there were some officers issuing citations if they jaywalked but the police department is now so understaffed that they can not dedicate resources to this issue.
  • Where can I get S.T. merchandise and spirit wear for my student?
    There are two great ways to purchase spirit wear. You may visit the school bank/student store where you can find T-shirts, sweat shirts, hats, blankets, etc. at very reasonable prices. Here is a helpful link to the student store
  • How is a student's GPA (grade point average) calculated using AP (advanced placement) classes.
    According to our head counselor all A grades count the same regardless of AP or non-AP ... We do not weight grades for AP ... That is the business of the college and whether they choose to or not ... As far as GPA calculation, information may be posted on the District website to teach this ... We do not have anything in writing, and it is done electronically for the school ... Naviance posts the most current GPA on the students page. For UC schools please visit this website for more info.
  • Do you know about the Santa Teresa group pages on Facebook?
    If you are a Facebook user please type Santa Teresa High School in the search field and check out the various groups and pages for S.T. Some groups such as the Santa Teresa Music and Arts will send out notifications when events and updates are added. Other groups on Facebook are the Visual Arts Department, Theater, Color Guard, Athletics, Broadcast and many more. What a great way to stay connected!
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